Small businesses are currently depending on the world’s biggest classified advertising platform Craigslist to make their sale to maximize their revenue. So, small companies are posting their ads on Craigslist. When anyone posts on craigslist platform with valid information and process then they will have no issues to publish their ads. But it becomes tough when anyone breaks the rule.

Main reason to be flagged are Posting:

  • Illegal,
  • Malicious,
  • False or fraudulent content,
  • Offensive,
  • Promotes, Advertises or provides links to unsolicited services etc.

Process: How to Flag the  Ads on Craigslist



  1. First, Click the link of the  ad post what you want to be flag.


  1. Second step In the options box you have to select one of the flagging link.

You can see there some option. “Miscategorized”  means the ad is in the wrong category/site that shows other id and its misplaced. “Prohibited” means the ad break the rule or formal agreement  & terms of use or other posted guidelines. “Spam/ Overpost” means the ad is posted too frequently, is in multiple cities/categories or is too commercial.


  1. Finally, you have to Click “best of craigslist” in the flag options box for funny or memorable postings. In contrast to the other negative categories, this category is for ads that you want to be positively flagged.