The world is a place of competition and we all of us running behind of success. Different ways for different platforms. In today’s world everything is being dominated by online presence and marketing. Businesses are going online for more revenue than traditional ways. That’s great and that’s the need of this current world. Maximum business has a online presence and people search on internet and classifieds sites like Craigslist to get their preferred service easily from online in a reasonable cost. That’s why companies and individuals choose to do marketing on Craigslist to get more sales and revenue. But everybody is not getting the benefit of ad posting in Craigslist. Do you know why? Its because of lack of knowledge that how you should post an advertisement in Craigslist. In maximums case their ads are flagged by Craigslist itself because people don’t care or read their rules of posting and that’s why they get banned. To get proper success on Craigslist advertising you need to follow these steps:

Follow Craigslist rules & regulations:

You have to read all of their rules and regulations to understand how you need to post your ads. You cant violate their rules and that results flagging.  They don’t authorize club membership, auctions, bidding and MLM related ads. Also ads about prohibited contents like weapons, alcohol, drugs, prostitution are also not allowed in Craigslist.

Use proper Ad format, texts, pictures:

The ad posting you are posting should look like non-commercial and the text formatting should be simple. You can not copy other ad posting. You ad posting format should be unique. You can review your ad and rewrite that if you find any similarities in that same category. You have to maintain the unique taste and look of your own style in advertisement too.

Do not post many posts from same IP:

If you post multiple and same ad posts from same ip frequently then it will be considered as spam ad by Craigslist. So be-aware of this. Don’t post a same ad more than 3 times from a same ip in a week.

Report and contact with Craigslist:

If you face flagging problem then you can get help from Craigslist forum and review your ads from users. If the flaggings problem persists then do not hesitate to contact with Craigslist support. They will show you the reason of being flagged and will suggest the best way to post ads.
We hope these suggestions and strategies will help you enough for ad posting in Craigslist.
Good luck!