There are some misconception about Craigslist flagging. Companies use Craigslist ad posting to boost their marketing to get huge revenue. But the shortcut way is not the way to success. Why we are telling this? In this advertisement and online marketing sector some people takes chances to market their own useless, rubbish and disruptive products. Like automatic software and those software results nothing. Usually these software can do some work in preliminary levels. But they can not work properly in all cases and becomes a great wastage of money. This Ad flagging needs to be smooth and that could be only be done by real human. A software can not use its brain because it does not have any brain! That’s why you need a professional ad flagging service.

When we are Flagging target ads then we focus on what could be the best reason to flag an ad and we do it by taking much time and research. We do flagging from many real accounts and from different ip addresses. So our flagging is 100% useful if you want to flag any ads. No failure and 100% guarantee of work.
If you ask yourself then you will get the answer why you need to ban those software. Just rely on real people and professional Craigslist Ad Flagging Service.