Most of the time the flagging could be done for genuine reasons like spamming but some time the reasons are not understood, Then you understand it’s your competitors who have been flagging you to put down your sales in the market. Craigslist Flagging Software sometimes modify the ads. Flagging software doesn’t work with all categories and types and it becomes so much irritating. To get more efficient results on Craigslist marketing and Flagging, you need to depend on human brain not on machines.

The classified flagging system are being more effective for the ending of spam ads by flagging, they have the better quality control ads flagging service than the automated software systems because of their developed algorithm and efficient man power. Craigslist Flagging Software were developed to do some short-time based target and they really failed due to some limitations of their own. First of all they are nor Craigslist itself and secondly the process of flagging is not monitored by any human being. If any technical error comes or IP becomes blacklisted then the the client could not know that the system is failing. But in the case of Craigslist Flagging by real human becomes aware of this issues.