Most of the people don’t know about the mistreat of free advertising platforms. That’s why when they post their ads on Craigslist, they get less advantage because they don’t know how to protect themselves and don’t know how to make any solution of those mistreat and they don’t what is flagging. In Craigslist platform there are many categories and people posts thousands of posts daily to sell and promote their business by abiding Craigslist law. But some people does not care about that much. They posts unusual amount of ads in their targeted category which causes other advertisers problem and they makes other advertisers ads less viewed. So here is the solution, Craigslist has a by default feature and that is called Flag. When any user thinks a ad is not following Craigslist policy and rules they can report about it and flag that ad to be reviewed by Craigslist. If that ad is not posted with their rules then they delete it and other advertises gets priority. That’s how they control the quality of Craigslist postings. To control spammers and competitors in generic way and to make more profit from sales you need to concentrate on what you should do. Because they are playing unfair so you can flag their ads and we can help on that process. Craigslist ad flagging service assures that your rivals 95% ads will be flagged if they are using unlawful way to market their product or if they spams. Hope now you understand what is flagging and can handle your business marketing safe and sound with updated tricks and tactics. If you want to contact us in this regard, we are always open to talk and provide good suggestions about Craigslist marketing strategy. Check our flagging packages and you may like them because our Craigslist Ad Flagging Service is cost efficient and time saving for our respected clients.